THE ZION will be a mirage

Rajnee Toppo
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Now THE JUNGLE is black, ashy and dark, so is THE HUMAN HEART

Red roads, red waters, the proof of the rape of NATURE 

River beds are THIRSTY, paddy fields are BARREN 

Trucks are the Rapists, leave the forest bleed 

Only the bright red flower gulping the green 

Who loots the forest for human nests? 

No more water, no more birds 

My heart bleeds as atmosphere filled with THE SMOKE OF SKELETON BURN

But “OTHERS” are tranquillized by the drug of THE DEVELOPMENT 

All the living God vanish and the oasis comes in my eyes 

Rights are violated, abused and ignored 

Calling for EXTINCTION to everyone 

Staring at her with the PIERCING RAYS; THE SINGBONGA1is angry 

RAINS are not rains but the TEARS of NATURE  

You cannot bring the rains, but FLOOD 

You already burnt down the SAVIOR 

Antics will be in THE MUSEUM, mushroom and fresh water will be rare 

Be prepared, THE ZION will always be a mirage…

SINGBONGA, the Supreme God, the Creator.

Rajnee Toppo

I am Mary Rajnee Toppo, a PhD research Scholar from Zakir Husain Centre for Educational Studies (ZHCES), School of Social Sciences (SSS), Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India

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