Appropriation and insult of tribal culture: BATA uses Warli art on its footware


The Petition

As you know well, WARLI painting is a vivid expression of the daily, religious, cultural and social life of the tribal people as well as showcase of close connection between them and their gods and mother nature. It is a medium to connect between tribal people and their gods. WARLI paintings are mainly done on religious and cultural rituals and on special occasions like birth, death and marriage etc. It is believed that WARLI painting is auspicious to be made to inviting gods to give blessings to them. The tribal people are selected for role of Savasin, Dhavleri, Bhagat, Chaukerya, whose WARLI paintings on walls are a must tradition for any marriage and other auspicious events within their tribes to bestow blessings.

WARLI painting contains majorly human figures, gods and holy icons such as goddess earth, sun god, moon god, tiger god, bride-groom, priest, marriage chowk, religious dances and rituals etc. WARLI paintings are strongly associated with religious and cultural sentiments and feelings of tribal people. They hold tremendous respect towards the WARLI paintings. WARLI paintings do not only represent merely paintings or art of Warli tribe, but they also show the life of the people, their faith, rituals, culture, customs and traditions, their environment, their people and animals, day to day life, celebrations and thus it is believed to bring good luck, happiness to them.

We reserve rights to claim damages (including punitive damages) towards passing off, infringement, violation of intellectual property rights, unfair trade practices; misappropriation and misrepresentation etc.; defamation/demeaning the reputed WARLI painting towards hurting sentiments of tribal artisan as well as towards the mental agony, humiliation, defamation, demeaning the tribal art, artisans and Community.

Hereby, we call upon you to immediately act on following demands:

  1. Immediately withdraw all footwear and other products containing WARLI paintings, WARLI term, WARLI painting words; or any other kind of same/similar words or figurative elements from markets.
  2. Cease/immediately stop the use (directly/indirectly) of word “WARLI Art and WARLI Paintings” in respect of any of your products.
  3. Cease/immediately stop the use (directly/ indirectly) of any design/ figurative elements being identical/ deceptively similar to WARLI paintings in respect of any goods/services.
  4. Delete or withdraw all posts and advertisements from all media of promotions including social media, which contains (directly or indirectly) posts by you or by any associate/affiliate in respect of your products, containing words WARLI, WARLI paintings, figurative elements and other nature expressions.


Editorial Team of Adivasi Resurgence.

2 thoughts on “Appropriation and insult of tribal culture: BATA uses Warli art on its footware

  • March 22, 2019 at 7:00 pm

    No one has a right to hurt the sentiments of Warli people and their art. If can not appreciate the unique art then no rights to harm their feelings.
    It’s shame on Indian culture and heritage so should immediately withdraw their products which have used the pure form of art.

  • September 19, 2020 at 2:58 pm

    THANK YOU!!! for this helpful info
    we also have some needful info. warli painting


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