Statement of JOHAR TISS/ Adivasi Students’ Forum (ASF) in support of the ongoing strike in TISS


3rd March 2018

We, the Adivasi students of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai campus would hereby like to state our position on the ongoing strike called by the Students’ Union (SU) on 21st February 2018. This strike is regarding the demand  of our GoI-PMS students belonging to ST/SC/OBC(NC)/PWD and economically marginalized community who have had the opportunity to study at TISS. When the strike was called by the SU, we the Adivasi students were there and are still the part of the protest. JOHAR TISS/ Adivasi Students’ Forum (ASF), strongly condemns the undemocratic decision imposed by a section of Students’ Union representatives. We also strongly condemn TISS administration for ignoring the just demands of the Adivasi, Dalit and Bahujan students.

On 28th February 2018, the empowered committee formed by the administration, comprising of faculties from different schools and centres came up with a plan of action for the GOI-PMS and presented before the General Body (GB). On 1st March 2018, the Student Union had called the GBM, at 3:00 PM to deliberate and take concern from the GB on the proposal made by the empowered committee. After an exhaustive discussion the GB came to a consensus that the institute is playing sectarian politics. GOI-PMS OBC(NC) and MPHIL-PhD were not considered in the proposal and nothing substantial was offered for the upcoming batches.  Thus the GB unanimously rejected the proposal and decided to continue the strike till the administration comes forward with a sustainable plan of action. To the contrary a section of SU representatives (which is not the decision making body) decided to call off the strike.

Unfortunately on 3rd March 2018, a section of SU representatives violated the TISS SU constitution and betrayed the decision of GB. Some SU representatives went to the extent of signing the proposal offered by the administration which the GB had strongly rejected. This decision is unconstitutional and a setback to the Adivasis, Dalits and Bahujans who are heading towards a productive and sustainable solutions premised on Social Justice. The institutes’ scholarship is our right and not a charity and favour. As per the institute’s vision the students belonging to the marginalized communities have equal claim over the institute’s resources. We, the Adivasi students are primary stakeholders and if nothing considerable is offered for the upcoming batches it is clear that the administration does not want our students to get education in TISS. Thus the struggle for social justice continues.


Hul Johar…!!

Jai Birsa…!! Jai Phulo…!! Jai Jhano…!!

Jai Marang Gomke Jaipal Singh Munda…!!

JOHAR TISS/ Adivasi Students’ Forum (ASF), TISS Mumbai.

Statement from Adivasi Students Forum at TISS, Mumbai

Hull Johar!!!

We the Adivasi student’s community in Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) would like to extend our support and participation to the ongoing protest at TISS Mumbai campus. We support the larger student community’s discontent at the TISS administration’s inability to address the concerns of the ST, SC and OBC (NC) and the highhandedness in dealing with the issue of GOI (PMS). In this regards, we the Adivasi Students Forum would like to convey our message that we must continue the protest until the Charter of Demands are met. Therefore, the Adivasi Students Forum is together with you in this platform to fight collectively against the decision taken by TISS administration that affects us all. We would like to urge the student community at TISS to be united in this fight against the administration. We would also like to convey our support and solidarity to students in TISS Tuljapur, Hyderabad and Guwahati campuses, in this collective fight.


Students’ Unity Long Live!!

Dated: 26th February 2018

Place: TISS, Mumbai


Editorial Team of Adivasi Resurgence.

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