Hegemony of the “Caste Echelon”, Brahmanical Hindutva and Reservation Politics


All these topic at a single glance appears something completely different, but they are the crucial branches of the covert operations and objectives.

Subjugating the society to their ideology, a dream of a mythical age of their lost opulence (the Vedic age) and drag in the developing communities that stand in opposition to their perceived “superiority” once again into a war and then keep that warring stalemate into a perpetual circle. – This mentality and this functioning is not a simplistic ideology. It is something dark and very dangerous.

Sangh has been a fan and an admirer of the dangerous philosophies of the “winning side” that came out of the cultural frictions and societal conflicts – both the Nazis obsession of “Ubermensch” and Zionist Israel’s “God’s chosen people”. Both of these catastrophes were the result of an ideology, a philosophy which on the outside appears a simple philosophical dialectic; its implications are dangerous. This ideology has been used all throughout the history – from the fall of Soviet Russia to the invasion of Iraq, Libya and now Syria.

It is called “Hegelian Dialectic”. A philosophy named after Georg Hegel (Though he himself never formulated it; only ideas were pitched)

“…the State ‘has the supreme right against the individual, whose supreme duty is to be a member of the State… for the right of the world spirit is above all special privileges.'” Author/historian William Shirer, quoting Georg Hegel in his The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (1959, page 144)

This philosophy has a triad formulation of ideas (with the fourth being the prime objective) for the evolution of a society. In simpler and un-deceiving language, it is a blueprint for utter social control.

This philosophy works under the principle of the formulation of a situation, “a thesis” at first. This scenario in its conception and formulation is flawed from the beginning. The scenario is an agent of agitating volatility. Society is shocked into a reaction, agitation and anger are incited from the depth of basic human psyche. The society then bands around the scenario, the thesis and the maker of the thesis in effective resistance. The resistance is allowed to grow and flourish; the intensity is allowed to flourish (covert inflammation is even employed).

Once the voice of anger and resistance reach a crucial tipping point, a crucible then the inauguration of an opposite voice of reason, a complete inversion of the social dialogue is employed, implied and propagated. This “antithesis”, as its namesake is the exact inversion of the thesis.
The original resistance, anger, and opposition is then allowed to latch itself onto this diverted ideology which is in some cases is proposed as a solution or in many cases, a new problem. This “solution/emergency/accident” only appears to be of natural evolution; it is however completely manufactured. A machinated social perception.

When the voices of opposition and resistance have banded together in single voice and focussed against single antagonism; a new solution is presented as a ceasefire, a jovial submission. It is then called a “synthesis”.
But it is far from something to be celebrated and it is as different from a compromise as it can be.

This is the final step in the road towards the achievement which if presented directly, will never succeed. For it to succeed, covert operation and elaborate deception are ‘the necessity’. When it is done so, society submits willingly, it hand over its privileges blissfully, does not find a loophole and it does not create impedance.

So now that we have taken a simple class on the workflow let’s venture as to what has been happening since this government has been in power; was it involved in something, even before the election? Let’s see as to how this “Good Days” government (which is marionetted from behind the veil by RSS) has used this dialectic for its objectives.

1. Reservation: Even before they came in ruling power, BJP and RSS both were involved in issuing statements and counterstatements in relation to “reservation”. They continually fanned the flame to the artificial “issue” of reservation. The public rhetoric united the Caste echelon that has always loathed the right of reservation by saying it a “privilege”; it re-ignited the environment of anti-reservation sentiments.

They always called for amendments/removal of reservation stating myriad arguments. It was natural that the caste-sufferers would be concerned, fear or resist such mentality because the reservation is the one right that gives them the power to ascend without the eclipse of social discrimination. The circumstance of fear and anger among the reservation section quickly spread, both covert and overt.

Once in power, they let the dust to settle down. However in due time, RSS threw oil into the fire by stating the “amendments/removal” of reservation once again.

In the meantime, the intensity of discrimination increased and was allowed, incited and encourage both covertly and overtly in educational institutes and official workspaces. One of the sad end to their conclusion is before us. The voice of resistance became sharp and anger was now allowed to rise (by giving prominence in media) which brought RSS-BJP to the forefront.
In a new variable to this equation, the demand for reservation by the Jat community was allowed to become violent, anarchic and riot-like.

Now the image of reservation was not for the “protection against caste discrimination” or “symbol of justice and right”. It had taken the image of “privilege” and “benefit” – an image that Upper Caste Echelon believe to be true and misunderstand; the whole country saw that very specific image; the ideology that “physical power, boldness and assertive violence and riots” can land you reservation is real now – that the socially, religiously, racist and/or strong section of the society can get reservation if they wanted.

RSS released the statement once again, “Amendments in Reservation is required. A non-governmental institution should be encouraged to convene a roundtable for discussion on the matter.”
Come on now, even you can see a pattern here?

2. Once the anger, resistance and various kinds of opposition against the arrogant perception of Caste Echelon towards reservation and an adamant silence to maintain and continue Caste-based racism reached a crescendo – the issue of “Sedition” was presented (read: machinated). The hidden, underground and covert opposition against RSS was suddenly out in the open; it was not natural, it was not accidental; it was designed so. It was allowed to be so. The Muslim community took notice and found itself into controversy once again. Even the sleeping rows over Kashmir were awakened.

3. The momentum was correct, optimized so the third leg of the game was inaugurated. The society was introduced to the concept of “social and religious mental agony” from the reference of “Mahishsur”. The controversy was successful in attracting the fringe section of the society, the Adivasis to this conflict.

Thesis and Antithesis have been revealed. The third stage, synthesis is still hidden or in simpler words, in works. So what do you suppose the synthesis looks like?
Synthesis of the reservation – complete removal of reservation under the power of judicial (which too is plagued with nepotism and caste echelon) establishment, stating the destabilizing effect that reservation brings – OR – amendments that give reservation to all sections of the society, especially caste echelon so that now by discrimination, eradication of lower and fringe sections be done from the inside.
Synthesis of “Sedition” – I believe more curtains are about to fall. Or perhaps, a totalitarian, restrictive, censored or worse authoritarian establishment.
Synthesis of “Religion and Vedic Mythology” – Those who are in the dark and know little will participate in the discourse;
“A filled glass and an empty glass can only fill the two glass incompletely”
History of the subcontinent has been distorted and taken advantage of by the intruders in the past for times more than human memory can count; now it will be twisted further, to the point of break perhaps; fringe sections will now be pitied and made fun of as being “victimized” and “misinformed”.

You are now free to think; think! Think as to how we can break this cycle> How can we break this illusion? It has been done before, so it is achievable.

Notes: Hegelian Principle was the prime influence on Marx who took the ideology and transformed the occult natural evolution into a materialistic basis of evolution which is tangible and perceivable.

Before I end, I leave this following idea which I read somewhere:

“The only way to completely stop the privacy invasions, expanding domestic police powers, land grabs, insane wars against inanimate objects (and transient verbs), covert actions, and outright assaults on individual liberty, is to step outside the dialectic. This releases us from the limitations of controlled and guided thought. “

Abhishek Bilkan Aind

Amateur Linguistics. Interested in historical Linguistics, historical Patristics, Psychology, Anthropology and Sociology.

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