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Aryan Migration Theory is the new paradigm. Strictly speaking, Indo-Aryan Migration Theory is the correct terminology.

This theory, under the light of new linguistic discoveries, archaeological findings and advanced scientific methodology – determines that;

“The Indo-Aryans migrated to Indian Sub-continent in multiple waves, like packets (in simple language).” [Gist from Roots of Hinduism by Asko Parpola, Indologist. 2015 Edition]

The first of migratory wave comprised of a distinct Indo-European speaking population which was from and contemporary with the BMAC (Bactria and Margiana Archeaological Complex) civilization which flourished in the Central Asia. They were the first population that interacted with the two native, but distinct linguistic cultures of Indian Subcontinent – The Proto-Dravidians and The Austro-Asiatics.

The Harappa and Mohen-jo-Daro Complex or IVC (Indus Valley Civilization) are Dravidian. And this fact is mostly evidenced by the fact that while it is claimed that Indus Valley Civilization Script/Language is un-deciphered; it can easily be deciphered solely from the Dravidian languages that are closer to Proto-Dravidian i.e. Proto-Tamil. Linguists and Anthropologist from the Western Academia have worked much in this field but their studies are muted in India.

The right-wing casteists ‘powers that be’ nod like children to deny and claim that the western academia is wrong – because it threatens the claims of their Vedas, their gods and effectively, their society.

Since the Indian populace has been growing, loathing Colonial times and by extension colonial masters – the Britishers, now every western scholar is the “enemy of Indian-ness”. Which is foolish and childish notion. Science of 21st century has left behind the stigma of Nazi Aryanism, Eugenics and other loathsome ideology. Scholars now genuinely present theories based on solid evidences and provable facts.

Coming back to the “Indo-Aryan Migration”, the second wave which entered the sub-continent was the branch of Indo-Iranians; they were the light-skinned, chariot warriors and barbarians in true sense. Their presence can be proven linguistically and even from the mythology which Hindusim exalt to epic proportions.

E.g, The Pandavas, descended from Pandu – whose name literally means “Pale” – the characteristic of Indo-Iranians in contrast to the Indo-Europeans already living on the western plains of Sindhu and the dark-skinned native Dravidians and Autro-Asiatics.

The mythological narrative itself give the evidence that the “Pandavas” while sung as “Followers of truth and justice” are mostly involved in immoral and unjust culture, tradition and methodology. The story of a single wife shared by 5 husbands is a fact which was culturally shocking to the natives but was the norm on the other side.

It can be easily deduced that the original heroes of the Mahabharata were the Kauravas, the true kings of the Plains of Sindhu but cultural propaganda and assimilation by the Indo-Iranians made Pandavas the heroes. But the original DNA so as to speak survived, confusing the modern world for all eternity.

Even the narrator of the war – Sanjay, is effectively the sympathizer of the Kuru kings.

The Asuras of the Vedic literature are the contrasting Western Iranians. Older gods like Mitra, Varuna and Tvastr etc are Asuras i.e. “The Lords”.

But later in the civilization and lingusitic memories of the Indo-Aryans and Indo-Iranians, the term was simply plastered to the native kings, gods etc. And now attained a negative anti-god ideology.

But what of the Hindusim? What of the religion of the natives? What of the identity of the natives?

It is a no brainer that Vedic-Sanskrit borrowed heavy structural constructs from Dravidian languages (e.g. The Retroflex consonants). But the borrowing and the modern claims of owning, was not limited to mere linguistics.

  • They borrowed the Indian Astro-nomical+logical ideology from the Dravidians v/s The core Vedic texts keeps quiet about the cosmological workings.
  • The marriage guidelines warn Aryan men from marrying women having names (hence ethnicity) of stars, constellation, plants, animals, trees etc.
  • The planteray identification of Vedic deities.
  • The rise of Devi based worship where a male deity (unfavourable to Aryans e.g. Mahishasur) die at the hands of the goddess and the rise of Devs (male gods) with the amalgamation of obscure vedic deities with powerful native gods i.e Rudra=Mahdev, Skanda=Murugan (still the national god of Tamils).

“If you want to see the actual, real Hindusim, go to the forest, villages and natives and there you will see the original traditions, the raw worship and the real mythology” – Indeed the popular religion is the one which is the propaganda but the true religion is the one survived by the natives.

The lingusitic findings, archaeological discoveries and many more revelations supporting these facts effectively prove that the Proto-Dravidian speaking adivasis, now surviving in disconnected pockets in southern states or as dalits in upper-caste dominant societies are the true owner of the now hijacked rituals and made-believe religion of Hinduism by the outsiders (Aryans).

The southerners upper-caste do not hide it, in fact they proudly proclaim as to how their ancestral “Rishi-Munis” crossed the Vindhyachal, the Nilgiri and captured the Kingdoms and brought the “Arya” or the “civilized” culture to the dumb natives.

Telugu upper-caste proclaim how they “refined” Telugu from “foolish” Gondi people.

The Keralite Brahmins have attested history of keeping adivasi girls as concubines (in some cases random raping) and producing illegitimate bastards and growing them as their “bouncers”.

These and much more.

So now the question is,

“Why am I telling you, the readers about this?

What good does it brings to the real plight that we are facing?”

“History is the foundation upon which the pillars of the modern societies are created.”

And thence, misguided, mistreated and misconstrued histories are tools to control naive human beings and by extension societies to the will of the powers that be, in Indian context, the ruler elites, the upper caste echelon, the right-wing fanatics and prejudiced religious zealots.

Directly and indirectly, these facts feed the fire that is the prime cause of the discrimination that we natives, the adivasis and the still insistently branded dalit (which I personally dislike to use) face at the hands of the casteists. And this must be erased.

We have to create our own intellectual think-tanks, collective of scholars and march towards researching and discovering the histories which till this moment has been spoon-fed to us and have created our twisted world-view. We have pride and shining histories which were taken from us, it is high time that we present those to the world. But here comes the dilemma,

We are still stuck to the blaming paradigm. We like to think in the terms of we v/s them. Our whole approach is based on the ideology of action then reaction principle. We seldom rise without the need to rise up. We look for answers after we have suffered some consequences. We do not look for our own good. We do not learn histories in order to teach our coming generation, we learn it to criticize and play the victim card forever. The thing is, you cannot move ahead with the “sympathy for victims” tactics; someday or another people will ignore.

We have to grow beyond them. We have to rise above them and look beneath upon our suppressors. We have to prepare our own academia, a vault of researches and theories independent and irrelevant of requirement or consequential need. This collection of materials would be for scholastic references for all of the world.

We cannot and we should not be speaking in the olden mindset that “our ancestors were the Asuras, our gods were the demons which the Aryans killed, discriminated etc., etc.”

We have to go beyond that and learn, disseminate, research and present theories that are scientific, logical and free of the taint of bias.

What is the need?

There hasn’t been proper, solid and coherent studies either anthropological, archaeological and linguistic based, on the natives. Whatever material there is, is of the colonial times. We cannot keep moving forward standing on the shoulder of those studies – if the right-wing fanatic cannot accept the theories of the colonial era, why should we be stuck to those paradigms. We need to raise our voices and concerns against the favoritism of scholar circles towards only the Aryans.

There must be a proper field to study us, our histories, languages, culture and much more. We cannot be minority for all the time – there must be a singular identity – identity of “the natives” and this can only happen when proper scientific studies are allowed to happen.

This will create the environment, this will force the oppressors, the casteists to bow down and think twice before throwing dirt at us, discriminate with us –

This was the same scenario which once forced the racists Nazi Germans to bow down and accept the reality. Their whole social mindset and ideologies were erased from the German society by the virtue of real scientific truth. They were made humble.

But it was also the era of the wars and guns.

We cannot lower ourselves to such Abjection. If we do, what difference will there be between ourselves and the casteists and racists?

We have to fight with the power of education, intellect and the modern tools of the 21st century. We have to stand at the International platform and there, present the evidence, the accusation against these right-wing zealots and force them to back down, and accept that under their constant rule both covertly and overtly the natives have been suffering. It will bring the atrocities to the light which are committed under the guise of development and progress but looting Adivasi lands and the minerals that reside under them and forests.

And here comes the answer to the original question – by doing so, we will present the coherent identity – the original identity – the Adivasi identity.

The identity of the natives who are numerous, but are connected by the single thread of being the “first inhabitants”, the true owner of the lands that we own.

Abhishek Bilkan Aind

Amateur Linguistics. Interested in historical Linguistics, historical Patristics, Psychology, Anthropology and Sociology.

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