Upgradation of Merit for ST Students


The objective of the scheme is to upgrade the merit of ST students by providing them remedial and special coaching in classes IX to XII. While remedial coaching aims at removing deficiencies in various subjects, special coaching is provided with a view to prepare the students for competitive examinations for seeking entry into professional courses like Engineering and Medical disciplines. The scheme was revised from time to time. The last revisions in the Scheme were made during 2008-09.


Salient features:

  • The State Government/UT Administration selects certain schools in different Districts/towns with hostel facilities which show excellence in performance of students from class IX to XII.
  • The Ministry fixes the total number of awards for each State annually.
  • Coaching starts from class IX in the identified schools and continues till the awardees complete class XII.
  • Coaching is provided in languages, science, mathematics as well as special coaching for admission to professional courses like engineering and medicine.
  • While selecting the ST students the aim is to include at least 30% girl students and 3% disabled students.
  • The scheme provides for 100% central assistance to the States/UT’s



  • A package grant of Rs. 19,500/- per students per year comprising the following:

Rs. 11,500/- per students per year as under:

Boarding & lodging charges @ Rs. 700/- Per monthe for 10 months — Rs. 7,000/-

Pocket Money @ Rs. 200/- for 10 months — Rs. 2,000/-

Books and Stationery — Rs. 2,500/-

Rs. 8,000/- per year per student for honorarium to Principal, Experts and other incidental charges.

  • Besides the amount of scholarship, students with disabilities are also eligible for the additional grants provided in the Scheme.



Source: http://tribal.nic.in


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