Two days conference on Adivasi Rights by Tribal Students Union, held in Vishakhapatnam

Vivekanand Sidam

A two days conference on 15th and 16th December was organized by Tribal Student Union in Paderu ITDA (Integrated Tribal Development Authority) jurisdiction in Vishakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh. The event was organized to discuss Adivasi rights and various other aspect of Adivasis. Dr. Sudha from National Law University, Visakhapatnam discussed gender and Adivasi issues, while Dharma Reddy spoke on present education system, Madavi Nehru shared his presentation on Adivasi culture and identity, while Mypathi Arun Kumar raised and spoke about reservation issues.

Girijana Vidyarthi Sangam was formed in the year 1980 by tribal students and Bapurao Naidu, an IAS  for the welfare of Adivasi students. The organization has been working towards this goal for the last four decades. In the conference, the first day began with flag hoisting, where more than 500 students attended the event. Dr. Sudha drew everyone’s attention toward the problems faced by Adivasi women in tribal areas. She argued that 90% non-tribals encroach Adivasi land against 1/70 Act. 1/70 Act is Land Transfer Regulation Act 1 of 1970 of Andhra Pradesh and it deals with matters of transfer of tribal land to non-tribals. She also accused government of its failure to protect the rights of Adivasis.

Another speaker Mypathi Arun Kumar discussed the issue if reservation and ongoing tussle in the region over Adivasi-Lambada issue. On second day of the event, Madavi Nehru spoke about Adivasi culture and emerging changes in Adivasi identity and culture. He also emphasized that Adivasis do not belong to any religion but now most Adivasis are converting to Christianity. While, Mr Dharma Reddy talked about present education system in Adivasi areas.

At the end of event, some resolutions were passed such as :

  1. Demand to revoke Valmiki Boyas inclusion in ST list, which was passed by Tribal Advisory Committee.
  2. Govt should establish Tribal University in Adivasi areas.
  3. Govt should provide facilities to tribal students who are studying in Adivasi areas.

Pictures courtesy : Vivek Sidam

Vivekanand Sidam

Vivekanand Sidam is a lawyer based in Hyderabad. He belongs to Koitur (Gond) community from Adilabad, Telangana. His areas of interests are Displacement, Adivasis and law.

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