Adivasi groups call for Bastar bandh on July 16


With the growing resentment over the recent cases of rape, harassment and fake encounters by security personals in Bastar, Sarva Adivasi Samaj has called for Bandh on July 16. In a meeting held at Jagadalpur, the organization took the decision, following the rape and fake encounter of an Adivasi woman- Madkam Hidme in Gompad village of Sukma district last month.

Sarva Adivasi Samaj president Prashant Thakur told The Hindu, “The tribals in Bastar, especially tribal women, are being subjected to atrocities, eve teasing, and harassment by the security forces posted in Bastar. What is the need of these forces in Bastar if they indulge in harassment of tribals whom they are supposed to protect? ” “There has been a series of such instances in Bastar in the past few months. In Gumpad, Madkam Hidme was raped, killed and declared a Maoist” Mr.Thakur added.

The bandh is also supported by Adivasi Mahasabha. Mahasabha’s president Manish Kunjam said they’d like the support of Adivasi leader Soni Sori on this call for Bandh.

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