Naxals kill locals in Narayanpur district, Chhattisgarh


Bastar IG Kalluri on Wednesday had told, that in a single day Maoists killed 16 innocent people in Abhujhmad branding them police informers. Meanwhile, S P Narayanpur has confirmed only four deaths, giving way to a controversy and pointing fingers at the actual death toll. This comes at a time when a team of National Human Rights Commission is on visit to Bastar, to probe cases of alleged human rights violations.”

However, a senior official of Chhattisgarh government on Thursday claimed that Naxals reportedly killed as many as 20 villagers for being police informers in the past two months in the Narayanpur district of the state. Principal secretary of the state home department BVR Subrahmanyam on Thursday said, “Frustrated with the success of police, Naxals have now started creating trouble for local villagers. In the interior Abujhmad area of Narayanpur we have confirmed that four villagers were killed by Naxals last week. We are verifying the murder of another villager in the area. As per the local intelligence, at least 20 villagers were killed in the past two months in Narayanpur,” he said, adding that these reports could not be confirmed as in most cases bodies were cremated, and the villagers can’t always travel from these remote areas to inform the police. The slain villagers were not surrendered Naxals, but they were those who had quit the Naxalism on their own to lead a normal life, he added. Subrahmanyam claimed the Naxals were on backfoot in the region. In the past six months, post-monsoon, security forces eliminated 56 Naxals in Bastar region, while police lost 11 personnels. As many as 420 Naxals surrendered and 522 were arrested in this period. Despite tough opposition from Naxals, a road network is being developed in the hinterlands of Bastar. The roads are reaching Jagargunda, Chintalnar, Kistaram and Chintagufa which are believed to be Maoists’ headquarters in Bastar. As many as 73 mobile towers are operating in Bastar, which has improved the connectivity to remote regions. Banks or ATMs are being set up at 150 remote locations, he said.”

Praises for Kalluri

Home Secretary B V Subrahmanyam, DGP A N Upadhyay, DG (Naxal Operations) D M Awasthi addressed a joint conference wherein the Home Secretary refuted the claims made by IG Bastar SRP Kalluri over the killings in Abhujhmad. He said, “Such a huge numbers of villagers were not killed in Abhujhmad by Maoists”. “The figures that have surfaced, have been counted since January around 20 people were killed by Maoists in Bastar, majority of these occurred in Narayanpur District,” he added. He said, under Kalluri’s supervision, security forces are doing marvellous job. In the past six months, 56 Maoists were gunned down in encounters. [Daily Pioneer, March 4, 2016]


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